Innumerable interactive elements and big shiny vehicles will draw the attention of any child.

    Riga Motor Museum offers educational programs for children: interactive lectures about road traffic safety, vehicle construction history, and engineering knowledge. Children can also get involved in exciting activities in the outdoor and indoor playground, as well as experience exploratory guided tours. 

    At the Riga Motor Museum you can learn about every car with the help of interactive screens, video stories, virtual and extended reality, as well as various engaging and hands-on activities. The diverse and extensive exhibits of the Riga Motor Museum will provide unforgettable, educating and entertaining recreation for children and adults.

    Ticket discounts

    Big Family ticket (2 adults + 1 to 4 children) - 20.00 EUR

    Small Family ticket (1 adult + 1 to 4 children) - 15.00 EUR

    Children up to 6 years of age - Free of charge

    Pupils, students - 5.00 EUR