Visitors in Riga Motor Museum

Compared to the first year after the reconstruction, this year the number of foreign visitors has grown considerably, which currently accounts for 20% of all visitors.

Most of our foreign guests come from neighboring countries like Estonia, Lithuania and Russia, followed by people from Germany and Norway. In order to facilitate a visit to Riga Motor Museum and to better understand the philosophy of the exposition, all car descriptions and digital information are available in 4 foreign languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian and Estonian. 

Most tourists visit Riga Motor Museum during summer high season and on Christmas holidays. Top exhibits for foreign tourists are elegant retro-style 1930s cars, as well as the impressive Kremlin collection and the possibility to have your photo taken at a virtual army parade. 

If you visit the museum during weekends, take a look at the Bikernieki race tracks competition calendar:  as there could be some interesintg motoring events taking place. The Bikernieki race track is located next to Riga Motor Museum.