“Garage” – an exhibition of the new antique automobile collectors’ findings at Riga Motor Museum

On Friday, February 24 at 15.00 the exhibition “Garage” will be opening at Riga Motor Museum. The newest and most prominent findings by Latvian collectors of 2016 are brought out - ten cars of various designs and styles, each with its own unique story.

Discovery of the Year:

The oldest car of this exhibition is an Italian veteran from early 20th century – Aurea. The owner of this car considers it an accidental yet very lucky discovery – Aurea was found in Australia in a container while searching for missing parts of another antique car. As it later turned out, only three Aurea cars have survived until nowadays. This Aurea 600 is the only such model known in the world.

Nobleman of the Year:

The destiny of this British aristocrat Jaguar MK VIII has truly been sorrowful. The car was found in the United States of America in 2009 submerged underwater since the devastating hurricane Catherine. The badly damaged car was then brought to Latvia and with the help of professional renovators regained its original splendour.

Giants of the Year:

The exhibit features two impressive American giants built following the classic designs of the 1930s – Packard and La Salle.

Elegance of the Year:

If not renowned for their size in terms of elegance and style the members of the FIAT family - Alfa Romeo Giulia, Lancia (with Pininfarina bodywork) and FIAT 1500 S – are worthy rivals to Americans. The same can be said about the sporty British MGs.

The desire to search and find outstanding examples of motor industry is the essence of Antique Automobile Club of Latvia founded in 1972. In more than some ways, it really is a treasure hunt. More than 40 years ago in the garages, barns and the furthest corners of yards all around the vast Soviet Union collectors could find excellent Western cars brought along as war trophies. Many of them are now on display in Riga Motor Museum.

Today the hunt for the antique cars has not diminished. Thanks to collectors’ enthusiasm new antiquities are brought to Latvia each year and stored in the garages of Antique Automobile Club and individual collectors around the country. Latvian collectors can be proud of having a diverse and exclusive collection of antique automobiles including the “grandfathers” of early 20th century as well as modern classic cars. Today the possibilities and methods of searching for antique cars are various and geographically nearly unlimited.