Now available: audio guide for exploring interesting car stories

Riga Motor Museum has prepared a new feature for its visitors - a personal museum guide to explore the history of cars. 

Starting from January the museum offers a possibility to explore antique vehicle history with the help of an audio guide. The Riga Motor Museum audio guide provides users with exciting stories and in-depth commentaries covering the Museum’s various areas, historic events and individual exhibits.

Plus, the guide leads visitors through the Museum’s collections in whatever order they prefer. The audio guide automatically determines the visitors location in the museum’s exposition and provides stories only about nearby exhibits and collections.

A navigation map display helps users navigate their way around the various areas more effectively, as well as find exhibits by their names using a search option.

The audio guide can be purchased at the museum’s information centre. Available in three languages: Latvian, English and Russian. It is planned to complement the audio guide with Lithuanian, Estonian and German languages.

Price: 5.00 EUR per set (One Ipad + headphones)