Opening of the exhibition "Driving school was, is, will be"

14.11.2017 in the Bauska branch of the Riga Motor Museum the opening of a new exhibition "Driving school was, is, will be" was happening!


A car is not a toy, but driving it needs knowledge and skills. It became clear almost immediately after its invention in the late 19th century.

The first driver's license was issued in Paris in 1983. In Latvia, the first rules for driving a car appeared in 1903 in Riga, and in 1920 the first courses for drivers began.

The exhibition presents a wide range of equipment that was used by driving schools in the 80s of the last century. The practical knowledge of the rules can be checked on electronic devices and stands of those times. At the same time, the exhibition will tell you about the modern training of drivers and the procedure for testing their knowledge and skills, as well as the work that the Road Traffic Department is putting into training new drivers and improving road safety.


Thanks everyone who attended the opening!