Photo artist Gvido Kajona exhibition "Theme 011"  is available for viewing in CSDD Riga Motor Museum Bauska branch.

The exhibition will showcase black and white photography from the 1980s. These pictures are satirical characterization of the socialist environment in soviet time Latvia. 

 Theme 011 is both a reference to group of photography enthusiasts in the 1980’s formed up by exactly 11 people and a story about a city.  Streets, houses, allies, so familiar, yet different each and every day. People in the everyday city and the trail they leave behind. Socialism symbols, ideological writings on demonstration posters and on dusty window panes.

Theme 011 is a testimony by a subjective documentalist on time, which is fixed in image, whilst taking a look at the mundane and spotting what passes unnoticed by others with a kind smile and a tinge of irony. Pictures are documents and art at the same tame.