We would like to inform our visitors that due to technical reasons on the 19th of October Riga Motor Museum will be open starting from 2pm till 6 pm.

We apologize for any inconveniences.

CSDD Riga Motor Museum has prepared a new feature for its visitors - a personal museum guide to explore the history of cars. Starting from January the museum offers a possibility to explore antique vehicle history with the help of an audio guide.

The opening of a photo exhibition „Theme 011” by photographer Gvido Kajons shall take place at Riga Motor Museum on Monday, October 24th. The exhibition will showcase black and white photography from the 1980s. These pictures are satirical characterization of the socialist environment in soviet time Latvia. 

Metal artist and car enthusiast Juris Gagainis is one of the founders of the Antique Automobile Club of Latvia and Riga Motor Museum. His personal exhibition “4x4 +SILVER” blends technology and art through a bridge of brilliant craftsmanship.

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