In the second floor of the museum you can witness the romance of Zemgale region by contemplating a 1930s artisan workshop and the interior of a landowner's house.

The collection features all-wheel drive vehicles produced in the Soviet Union in the second half of the 20th century meant for driving on the countryside’s roads and off-roads.

The collection of military machinery includes military vehicles from the World War II and vehicles used by the Latvian armed forces after Latvia regained its independence in the early 1990s.

The collection displays farm machinery used in Latvia from 1920’s and 1930’s featuring an antique horse-drawn farming tools, threshing machine Ködel und Böhm which needed more than 15 people to operate it, „Fordson” tractor and grain sorting machine Trijer.

The collection of cars in Latvia from 1920 – 1990 is the biggest museum’s collection consisting of 35 vehicles of which 25 automobiles. The collection introduces visitors with vehicles that have been in use in Latvia for 70 years.